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105 - 107 Kingsway, Dunmurry      

028 9061 3322      

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Patient Testimonial

Just a note to thank you so much for your patience and all the reassurance and encouragement you gave me on my first few visits. As you know, I was absolutely terrified of any dentist but after chatting to you and you making me not so nervous, my treatment began and I can’t believe that this is me finished for 6 months.

Thanks a bunch and I can honestly say I looked forward to my next visit.

Patient Testimonial

To Philip and all the team at Dunmurry Dental Practice,

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team for the great service you provide.

I have felt conscious of my teeth for as long as I can remember, thanks to the relationship that I have developed with you and your team, I felt confident you would be able to address this issue.

I am delighted with the results of my 6 months smiles treatment. The treatment was painless and I was able to speak up at any time throughout if I had any concerns.

My only regret is that I didn’t get this treatment sooner.

Thanks Again.

Patient Testimonial

For years I contemplated getting porcelain veneers, I had always been paranoid and insecure about my teeth. I hated smiling, I was always wary talking to people as I felt they were constantly looking at me and I was very self-conscious. After a alot of careful thinking, I finally decided to get myself veneers with Dunmurry Dental Practice. I have never looked back.

Every Member of staff that I had the pleasure of speaking to were more than helpful, informative and very kind. I was given a breakdown of the costs right away and I was talked through the entire procedure multiple times, so there were no surprises. The procedure was pain free and the quality of care was exceptional. I have had no problems with my veneers, I would try and stay away from the internet as alot of people describe the procedure as painful and complain that they experienced trouble with their speech. I can honestly say this is not the case, nothing like this occurred at all.

I was amazed at how comfortable the veneers felt right away and how spectacular they looked. The whole experience has been a great investment and I’m so glad I went ahead with it. Since having the treatment done I’ve never been happier, I literally cannot stop smiling.

Patient Testimonial

Just a note to thank you and the practice for the treatment I received for my new dentures. As you were aware I had been with my dentist in Birmingham for a good many years and I was rather nervous. Straight away you put me at ease and made the process both straight forward and hassle free.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank your receptionist Sharon, who was courteous and professional and always helpful when I rang at the last minute for an appointment. She is a credit to your practice.

Thanks you once again.

Patient Testimonial

My experience so far has been excellent. I find the reception staff to be very pleasant and always showing professionalism while undertaking their duties. I’ve found that customer care is a real priority at the practice and recently found this out when I wasn’t happy with the results from the lab regarding my new bridge. I was brought in for a meeting with my dentist and the practice owner to explain the process of making a new bridge and the advice they gave me for moving forward was excellent. This brief meeting eased my concerns and has shown me that quality of care for patients is very important throughout the practice.

I have, and will continue, to recommend others to the practice because of the experience I’ve received over the past year. The practice is professionally run and I’ve always felt relaxed attending and during my appointments, as I know I’m in safe hands from staff who know what they’re doing.

My recent experience has been a good investment in both time and money and i’m really happy with the results so far. I’m feeling alot more confident now with my new bridge and can’t thank you enough.

Patient Testimonial

I am writing as a patient of Gemma Taylor who I have come to know over this past number of months. I work for a company called Cafe Vic-Ryn and I saw your practice at the Lisburn City awards in March 2015 and was very impressed with the rewards you were receiving.

From a young girl and never liked the dentist (as do most people) but I had a very bad experience with a Dr Leopold in a Lisburn surgery, which led me to have to have extensive dental work at the Royal School of Dentistry (the story of which I have relayed to Gemma). Anyway, I have never liked my teeth and was always very conscious of them.

So I decided to join the practice as a patient and was certainly not disappointed. I booked an appointment (my first) and didn’t know which dentist I was going to get, but it turned out to be Gemma. She checked me over etc, and was the very first person ever to ask me if I was happy with my teeth…..I couldn’t believe it. I told her how I felt about them but thought it was always thousands of pounds to get your teeth fixed. She told me she would go away and look at my options and come back to me with a few different plans, which she did.

Yes it wasn’t cheap, but it didn’t cost anywhere near the amount I thought it was going to. Then of course she shared with me the information about a dental plan I could get to pay it off monthly, which was even better. So I ended up getting a new crown and 3 veneers on my top front teeth and all my mercury fillings redone to white fillings.

To say I am delighted is an understatement. I love them. I smile all the time, they are amazing. And I couldn’t say enough about Gemma and Jane. They have been the best dentist and assistant for me so far and I can’t thank them enough. The quality of care from start to finish was definitely first class. They made me feel very at ease and relaxed and as if they really cared. I was so glad I got Gemma as she was the perfect dentist for me.

I have been telling lots of people about your practice and I couldn’t recommend it enough. The customer service from start to finish is amazing which is very important to me indeed.

The advice I would give to people who are considering your services is….go right ahead, these guys are brilliant and I couldn’t say one negative thing about my whole experience at all…that’s why there are so many awards all over the place…they are all well deserved. The quality of products were great also, everything was done just perfectly for my teeth colour, shape etc.

Coming to your practice was definitely a great investment in both time and money and it didn’t take anywhere near the length of time I thought it would or the amount of money.

So I honestly cannot thank you enough Gemma for everything you have done for me and I have that contentment now that after all these years I’m at my perfect dentist.

Patient Testimonial

Absolutely love the Practice. I love the light and the openness – all very welcoming. The new uniforms are very in keeping with the ambiance of the reception area. Well done and many congratulations. I love coming to this practice – all the staff are so kind, courteous and they all seem so happy, which speaks volumes about how they are looked after.

Patient Testimonial

I have been a patient at this Practice for approximately 3 years, very professional and nice to speak to. Friendly atmosphere and pleasant surroundings.

Patient Testimonial

Absolutely first class treatment. Service is fantastic and very professional. I wish all dentists were as good.

Patient Testimonial

Just want to thank you for the great work you have done on my teeth – you have given me the confidence to smile again.

Patient Testimonial

I got new dentures a few weeks ago and I am very pleased to have ones which fit perfectly and are comfortable so different to the last ones.

Patient Testimonial

I was recommended to your surgery after over 30 years with my dentist and I made an appointment with Edel Hughes. Edel and her team are absolute professionals in every way!  I was treated courteously and in a very friendly manner. I also had an issue with a gap in between my front teeth which I was always told “nothing you can do with that”. Edel did her “magic” and it’s no longer there!

I went on holiday and I was smiling from ear to ear to everyone, normally I kept my mouth shut!  It’s not often one comes across an excellent quality of service so it should be highlighted and congratulated.

Patient Testimonial

All your staff from Reception. Dental Nurses to Hygienist are brilliant.  Thanks

Patient Testimonial

Philip is very friendly and knowledgeable. He talks to you, rather than above you and always provides clear information about treatment options and costs.

Patient Testimonial

Edel saw me without prior notice as pain was so bad. She took the pain away – and talked me through the whole procedure. A great dentist.

Patient Testimonial

I’ve always had a strong fear of the dentist but Tracey was very understanding and patient with me. She made me feel relaxed and at ease while also being very professional. She worked wonders with my teeth and has given me something to smile about. Many thanks.

Patient Testimonial

I attended Dunmurry Dental Practice as I needed extensive work done on my teeth. I was extremely nervous and apprehensive but after meeting Edel I was instantly put at my ease. She explained everything to me in great detail, provided me with all available treatments and was very knowledgeable, answering any questions that I had. Throughout my treatment I was made to feel comfortable and safe. In comparison to my previous dentist I was impressed and reassured with the level of technology and equipment. All of the staff in the Practice are attentive and always go out of their way to accommodate me. As my dentist, Edel has made my entire experience both friendly and professional. I would recommend Dunmurry Dental practice to any person thats is seeking a quality dental service.

Patient Testimonial

Maria did her usual wonderful job cleaning my teeth. Many, many thanks once again.

Patient Testimonial

Many thanks for ‘saving the day’ and treating me over the christmas period. I wish you all the very best in your practice and will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Patient Testimonial

Great practice, great staff, great visit, great result – brilliant, thanks very much.

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