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Patient Case


Before and after photos from a patient who came to Gemma for treatment.

This patient had a scale and polish for gums, teeth whitening, lower teeth built up with white composite fillings, a new 3 unit bridge from the upper left 1 and crown upper right 1 and all their amalgam fillings changed to white.

Patient Case


‘I’ve always had a strong fear of the dentist but Tracey was very understanding and patient with me. She made me feel relaxed and at ease while also being very professional. She worked wonders with my teeth and has given me something to smile about…many thanks.’

Patient Case


This patient hated their front tooth being so dark and once he had completed a course of treatment for dental health, the patient proceeded with a course of whitening and had a private crown placed on the upper left 1.

Patient Case


‘My experience so far has been excellent. I find the reception staff to be very pleasant and always showing professionalism while undertaking their duties. I’ve found that customer care is a real priority at the practice and recently found this out when I wasn’t happy with the results from the lab regarding my new bridge. I was brought in for a meeting with my dentist and the practice owner to explain the process in making a bridge and the advice they gave me for moving forward was excellent. This brief meeting eased my concerns and has shown me that quality of care for patients is very important throughout the practice.

I have, and will continue, to recommend others to the practice because of the experience I’ve received over the past year. The practice is professionally run and I’ve always felt relaxed attending and during my appointments, as I know I’m in safe hands from staff who know what they’re doing.

My recent experience has been a good investment in both time and money and I’m really happy with the results so far. I’m feeling a lot more confident now with my new bridge and can’t thank you enough for this.’

Patient Case


A 45 year old male, who for years has been embarrassed by his teeth, especially his upper right front tooth.

He went for tooth whitening, a crown and veneers on his front teeth and is delighted with the result.

Patient Case


This patient was unhappy with a space on the upper left hand side of his mouth and felt the amalgam filling behind the space was unsightly.

The patient had a private bonded bridge to replace the space and mask the amalgam filling.

He was very pleased with the outcome.

Patient Case


Prior to treatment, this patient was unhappy with the shape and colour of her teeth and wanted to improve their appearance for her wedding.

When asked what advice she would give to someone else thinking about treatment, the patient said  ‘I am delighted. I would recommend that people go for it as it gives you much more confidence.’

Patient Case


This patient was getting married and was unhappy with the amalgams in her teeth. She had them all replaced with white composite fillings.

The results speak for themselves.

Patient Case


This lady presented with pain as a new patient to the practice.

After her pain had been addressed and the mouth was dentally fit, the patient was keen to improve some previous crowns and veneers that had been placed many years ago.

After completing a course of tooth whitening, the patient had 2 E-max veneers and 2 E-max crowns placed, resulting in a far superior aesthetic finish.

‘I would highly recommend this practice, fantastic staff, relaxed atmosphere and brilliant results.’

Patient Case


‘For years I contemplated getting porcelain veneers, I had always been paranoid and insecure about my teeth. I hated smiling, I was always wary talking to people as I felt they were constantly looking at my horrible front teeth and as a result, I struggled in public scenarios. I was very self-conscious but after a lot of careful thinking I finally decided to get myself veneers with Dunmurry Dental Practice. I have never once looked back!

Every member of staff that I had the pleasure of speaking to were more than helpful, informative and very kind. I was given a breakdown of costs right away and I was talked through the entire procedure multiple times, so there were no surprises. The procedure was pain free and the quality of care was exceptional. I have had no problems with my veneers. I would try and stay away from the internet as a lot of people describe the procedure as painful and complain that they experienced trouble with their speech; I can honestly say that this is not the case, nothing like this occurred at all.

I was amazed at how comfortable the veneers felt right away and how spectacular they looked. The whole experience has been a great investment and I am so glad I went ahead with it. Since having the treatment done I have not been happier, I literally cannot stop smiling.’

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-2This 26 yr old female attended the practice seeking ‘Six Month Smiles’ cosmetic orthodontic treatment to improve the spacing of her lower teeth and was recommended to the practice by a friend who had the treatment herself.

After her orthodontic assessment here at the practice, the treatment involving braces was deemed more complex than necessary and as a result the patient had Venus Pearl white composite fillings placed instead.

The patient was delighted with the result and that it was achievable in just one visit and at a fraction of the cost she originally considered.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES2These images show pre and post treatment of a male patient, aged 29 years who had quite an acidic diet, especially carbonated drinks.

A full history was taken regarding diet and strict diet advice given to limit the amount and frequency of these food stuffs.

The patient felt the acid erosion to his front teeth aged them.

Venus Pearl white composite was used to improve the appearance of the front teeth which has given a lovely result with the incisal edges now protected.

The patient was delighted with the natural finish.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-3This 40 year old male attended as a new patient in June 2015. He was unhappy with the appearance of his upper and lower teeth, in particular his upper left front tooth and generalised brown staining. The patient also felt the length of all of the teeth were uneven.

Treatment carried out:

1. A thorough scale and polish followed by oral hygiene instruction from the dental hygienist who used specialist instruments to remove the heavy staining.

2. Whitening to improve the shade of his teeth.

3. Cosmetic bonding, using white filling material, to improve the appearance and create uniform length.

4. Upper left front tooth restored to improve the appearance and shape of the tooth.

The patient was delighted with his results and no longer feels self conscious about his front teeth.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-4This teenage patient presented with a poorly formed upper right 2.

The patient was referred to a local orthodontic specialist to initially correct the position of the other teeth and over a period of time of working together with the orthodontist, the teeth came in to position and a white filling was bonded to the tooth to improve the shape.

Both patient and parents were delighted with the result and impressed with the combined approach to the treatment.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-5This case shows cosmetic orthodontic treatment for a 25 year old female.

This lady presented to the surgery complaining of post orthodontic treatment change. Conventional orthodontics was considered, and a referral to a local specialist offered, however the patient did not want this option.

Over a course of 7 months, the Six Month Smile system was used to improve the alignment on the upper and lower arch.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-6This 21 year old female attended as a new patient. Her main complaint was the appearance of her front teeth. She was unhappy with brown staining and large gaps in between her teeth. An examination and radiographs revealed a heavily restored dentition, in particular large fillings present on the front teeth with decay present and overall poor general gum health.

Treatment carried out:

1. A thorough scale and polish followed by oral hygiene instruction with the dental hygienist.

2. Decay removed and white composite filling material bonded on to front teeth to improve the appearance and close spaces.

The patient was delighted with the end result.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-7This patient required the replacement of a lower amalgam filling. After discussion with the patient, she elected to have a white/tooth coloured filling placed using the specialist Sonicfill system.

The patient was very grateful and commented that it looked just like a real tooth.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-8This 65 yr old female attended as a new patient to the practice. She did not like her smile and was seeking options to improve it.

Treatment took 7 months and the patient was delighted with the results. It is obvious from the before and after images the boost the treatment has given to her self-confidence and the patient is over the moon.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-10These images are of a 33 year old male who has been attending the dental practice for some time. He has always been self-conscious of the space between his front teeth.

Before his wedding, he had some cosmetic bonding carried out using Venus Pearl composite to improve the appearance of his smile.

He is absolutely delighted with the result and can now smile on his wedding day with confidence.

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-11This 33 year old female patient mentioned she did not like to smile as her teeth were chipped and her smile wasn’t straight.

On examination she had minor chipping of the incisal edges which made the smile look uneven.

Simple composite bonding with Venus Pearl composite and contouring and polishing.

The patient could not believe how simple the procedure was and why she was hiding her smile for years…..

Patient Case

DDP-CLINICAL-CASES-12This male presented as a new patient to the practice in September 2013 with multiple fractured teeth wishing to restore the mouth and improve appearance.

He had a history of chronic gum disease and is trying to stop smoking. Over the course of his treatment he has reduced from 20 per day to 5 per day.

As an NHS patient, he had to wait for prior approval from the health service to agree to replace his bridge on the upper left and get a porcelain bonded crown on the upper right 1.

During this time, the patient attended regularly for hygienist scalings which has improved his oral hygiene. The patient also had his teeth whitened and changed his amalgam fillings to white composite.

The patient continues to see the hygienist on a regular basis and is very happy with the aesthetics resulting from his new bridge, crown and fillings.

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