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Price List – NHS

Consultation: Price from:
New patient examination £18.09
Review examination £9.15
Preventative treatments:
Fissure sealants per tooth £12.18
Amalgam £9.64 to £24.80 (Back teeth)
Tooth coloured £18.29 to £27.93 (Front teeth)
Crowns and bridges:
Crowns £119 to £137.58
Veneers £124.35
Adhesive bridge (per tooth replaced) £128.29
Conventional bridge (per unit) £113.15
Root canal therapy:
Single rooted tooth £56.22
Double rooted tooth £70.72
Molar tooth £108.88
Full upper and lower dentures £235.86
Full upper or lower denture £142.35
Partial upper or lower denture £125.20
Cobalt chrome denture £210.75 to £275.75
Denture reline £39.15 to £60.00
Addition and repairs £24.10 to £60.00
Non-surgical £16.28 to £61.56
Small x-ray £4.53
Large full mouth £13.94

Prices are only indicative and may vary based on size and complexity of the work.
Patients treated on the NHS may be entitled to an exemption from charges or reduced rates.
We request payment at the start of the treatment course.

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