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Six month smiles – my blog


So happy with the end result :-)

The braces came off and a little wire retainer has been fixed to the back of the teeth.  Also a mouth guard was made and this is worn every night – just ensures the teeth don’t move position.


28th June 2013

Ok so what’s been happening?  My braces were ready to come off at six months – however some of the brackets had come off and the teeth moved slightly.  So all adjusted today and few final tweaks for Philip really – he wants perfection!  Nearly there now …..


18th April 2013

I had my final adjustment appointment today!  All going really well so hopefully should braces should be off by end of May.  The front teeth are now fine, Philip is just adjusting the position of my teeth towards the back to ensure a good final result all round.   My back teeth were a bit sensitive over the weekend, but didn’t stop me having a nice meal out on Friday evening.  I am really used to wearing my braces now, though I probably won’t miss having to pick food out from between them after eating.




14th March 2013

All going very well.  Had another appointment in which Philip put on elastics under the braces to pull the front teeth back together – amazingly it moved them a little as he did it.  But still more time needed to pull all the teeth into the correct position.


26th February 2013

Three months in and just look – nearly there!  So happy.

Lots of people commenting on how quick the front teeth have straigthened.
31st January 2013

I had my third appointment yesterday – 9 weeks in!

The appointment was the same as last time – the wire and donuts  being removed, the spaces between the teeth being ‘filed’ again and then the new wires and donuts being placed back on the holders and tightened.

Now I cannot lie – it was definitely a bit uncomfortable at times during the appointment and my teeth were tender afterwards – but painkillers sorted that out.

But hey look at the results….


10th January 2013

Six weeks on – and just look at the progress – can’t believe it in such a short period of time!  DELIGHTED.







3rd January 2013

So happy with the progress – front teeth have moved so much – see photo below.

No pain at the weekend after getting the braces tightened so thankfully able to eat fine.





28th December 2012

I am getting my braces tightened today – should have been last week but I wanted to wait until after I had my Christmas dinner!

The appointment consisted of the wire and donuts (little rubber bands) being removed, the spaces between the teeth being ‘filed’ again and then the new wires and donuts being placed back on the holders and tightened.  It was more uncomfortable than the first appointment – I suppose because the teeth are a little more tender because they are definitely moving.

Shall let you know how the weekend goes and I will post a new photo next week – its amazing just how quickly they are changing.



19th December 2012

I am delighted with the progress – the teeth are still moving and others can see it too!  All going well.  Had a lovely Christmas dinner out on Saturday past – was able to enjoy food no problem and had a great night.  The only thing is my gums have started to bleed a little – so am seeing the hygienist today for her to clean the places i must be missing!


3rd December 2012

All going well – no-one noticing the braces and diet almost back to normal.

The good thing is – I can definitely see some movement on the two front teeth – yes!


28th November 2012

My braces are on now nearly a week – feeling fine, just need the wax for the edges at the back.  So far so good!

Image below taken just after I got them on.






22nd November 2012

My braces are on!

On Thursday past, I got my braces put on!

How was it?
Actually I found getting the braces on quite relaxing – about an hour or so  lying in the dental chair, almost fell asleep….

First of all got a soft retractor fitted to hold back the lips and cheeks – a bit fiddly but comfortable once in place – thought not very  pretty looking.  Then Philip cleaned and dried the teeth and applied dental glue (or bond as he called it).  The brackets came in a plastic gum shield and are stuck on, then held in place firmly to ensure that they stick.  The most unusual part is the thinning of the teeth which is like a nail file being used between the teeth to provide some space for the teeth to move.  Then the wires are clipped into place with clear rubber bands, some pulling and twisting but okay.

All in all, fine and exciting.

How do they look?

Braces look fine on – even took the kids a few days to notice them.  Most people, including Philips dental friends, don’t notice them.  I am pleased with them.

The first few days – what to expect?

The rest of Thursday was fine but by the end of the day my teeth were starting to feel  tender and the brackets were rubbing on my cheeks, just as well I had my comfort wax to put on. Friday and Saturday i have to admit were not so pleasant – teeth sore and an ulcer or two where the wire and brackets were rubbing.  At least it feels like the teeth are starting move!! Took it easy and stuck to eating stew, soup and baby food. lol – routine pain killers, comfort wax and igloo ulcer cream really helped. By Sunday evening thankfully it all settled and was just a little tender where the ulcers were. I can definitely see how this could be the latest new diet craze – eating a lot isn’t worth the pain!

Glad the initial few days are over, pain gone and starting to eat normally again—- Result –  it is starting to work!

Here is my before photo
– more to follow as the teeth get moving…….





5th November 2012

I‘m getting my front teeth straightened!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Debbie, a 40-year-old mum of three, the dentists wife, the manager in the dental practice and I have wanted straight teeth for a while now.

I had teeth extracted and a brace for a couple of years when I was 15 but didn’t go for the train tracks – therefore my teeth have always been a little bit crooked.  However in the past ten years I think they have got worse.  I looked into getting full orthodontic treatment a few years ago but was put off by the amount of time and work needed – then I got pregnant with my third baby and said no way to being pregnant and braces on at the same time!

I was again contemplating the orthodontic route coming up to my 40th Birthday but just wasn’t that keen.  So I was really delighted when we introduced Six Month Smiles to Dunmurry Dental Practice.

Straight teeth.  Less time.  Clear braces.

Here’s some information about six month smiles http://www.6monthsmiles.com/

I had my initial consultation with the dentist (Philip,my husband) to check if I was suitable for Six Month Smiles – lots of photographs taken, and thankfully I was. I then had my impressions taken –  these are what a dentist uses to see what your current bite looks like – it involves using a dental tray and some play-dough type material. The tray is inserted in your mouth for five minutes and held there firmly by the dental assistant until the dough begins to harden.

I now have to wait for the braces to be made and kit to arrive from America!



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